Nebraska Football

It wasn’t a “real trip” in that we didn’t travel far in miles, but in attitude and excitement it might as well have been far away. It was a home football game in Lincoln, Nebraska. GO BIG RED!

Go BIg Red

Carrying the flag

Let's Play Football

September 7, 2013, was a hot, humid Saturday in Nebraska. All over Lincoln, whether going to the game or not, nearly everyone wore red. Temperatures soared into the upper 90’s but it takes lot more than that to discourage Nebraska football fans. The stadium now holds over 90,000 people and was definitely a sea of red.  Before the game started there were tailgate parties everywhere and, as it drew close to game time, rivers of red-clad fans started flowing toward Memorial Stadium.

Marching Band

Throughout the game, the excitement was palpable and the fans enthusiastic. Of course it didn’t hurt that Nebraska played well and won the game with a final score of 56-13.  It was a good day in Husker Nation. We had great fun!

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