La Posada Hotel

In the center of northern Arizona, we passed through Winslow and made a brief stop at La Posada Hotel.

La Posada       La Posada Hotel

American architect Mary E.J. Colter (1869-1958) is most famous for her buildings at the Grand Canyon but she considered La Posada her masterpiece. She began designing her buildings by creating a fantasy about their history. Designed and furnished as if it were the proud estate of a wealthy Spanish landowner, in reality La Posada was built as one of the great Harvey hotels of the Santa Fe Railway.

Opened in 1930, La Posada remained open for just 27 years. After it was closed to the public, furnishings were auctioned off and the building gutted and turned into offices for the Santa Fe Railway. By the mid-90’s it was in peril of being demolished. Fortunately, through the work of many people and organizations, it is now restored as a magnificent hotel and living museum. La Posada makes you want to settle in and imagine yourself the wealthy don or dona of a great southwestern estate.  Ahhh – fantasy certainly has its place.

La Posada Gate Detail



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2 Responses to La Posada Hotel

  1. Molly says:

    Very interesting. You are seeing some unusual things-good for you! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Darlene says:

    What a gorgeous building! Nice to see something of Colter’s besides the Grand Canyon work.


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