Autumn in the Mountains

Autumn is a gorgeous time in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We took an afternoon drive to LaPlata Canyon in the San Juan range in southwestern Colorado.

Sept snow and aspen gold      Snow and aspen gold     Waterfall

This year the color seems to be a bit spotty – there are places where some aspens are bright golden while others are still fully green. On some mountainsides the color in general is up high. However we did find some color in the LaPlata canyon itself. That said, you have to realize that where we were in the canyon was above 9,200 feet so pretty high elevation.

Sept in LaPlata2      LaPlata Canyon Fall

It’s a little disconcerting because it is still September and there is quite a bit of snow up high already. Our guess at how high is about 10,000 feet. Does that mean it will be a long, hard winter?

September 28

The day we went, it was actually raining off and on so there was a mist over everything and no bright sunshine. Even so, it was still beautiful.

LaPlata Canyon Fall2   LaPlata Canyon in Fall9

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2 Responses to Autumn in the Mountains

  1. Moritz says:

    The colors of the trees are really interesting. Are the trees as yellow as this year every year?


    • mvbattelle says:

      Some years the trees are even more vivid. This year the aspens are not all turning gold at the same time. Since these photos were taken on a cloudy misty day, you can imagine how bright they are in sunlight. Thanks for following my blog.


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