Pheasants and Photos


Tom and I road-tripped to Nebraska for Thanksgiving week and on the way we went hunting. He was hunting pheasants in Nebraska and I was hunting photos of early winter in western Nebraska and southern Colorado. I have to say I was a bit more successful than he was. He saw quite a few birds but had very few shots and didn’t bag any. I didn’t get a chance to snap a photo of a pheasant (and they are incredibly beautiful birds) but I did get some other photos.

Hunting in Western Nebraska

Early Winter in Southwestern Nebraska

Early Winter in Southern Colorado


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4 Responses to Pheasants and Photos

  1. Susan E Napue says:

    Beautiful! You’re like my mother who finds and points out such beauty in ordinary places!


  2. JANET DILL says:


    Beautiful photos! Merry Christmas to you and Tom,

    Best regards,




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