Hiking in the Four Corners – Summer 2020

In this, the “year of the pandemic”, Tom and I have been getting our exercise and recharging our attitudes, while social distancing, by hiking. Early in the year, we were arch hunting here in northwestern New Mexico. This summer, since it got quite hot to be hiking in the desert, we moved to higher elevations in the San Juan mountains. We generally try to find hikes that are not intense vertically as we are definitely not twenty-somethings anymore. We thoroughly enjoy getting out into nature.

Mountains, streams, and waterfalls can help restore a sense of calm and peace.

   Cascade Creek

    Colorado Trail

  First Fork Piedra


West Fork

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4 Responses to Hiking in the Four Corners – Summer 2020

  1. dfarabee says:

    I like that many of these photos offer a view of a path. Extremely tempting. And lovely pictures.

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  2. Jeanne Dill says:

    Beautiful! We are headed to Breckenridge, Ouray and Crested Butte for a few weeks. These pics really inspire!

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  3. Susan E Napue says:

    Wow! Beautiful adventures–beautiful pics!


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