Keep on Moving

February 22, 2018 – A new National Park was added so now we have 9 to go to have visited all 60 National Parks. Maybe we will complete before another is added!

January 2018 – Only 8 parks to go to have visited all 59 of our National Parks. We’ve added Everglades, Biscayne, Dry Tortugas, Virgin Islands, American Samoa and Haleakala to those we’ve visited.  Our National Parks are truly incredible!

2016 meant 4 more parks visited – Big Bend National Park, Katmai National Park,  Lake Clark National Park and Hot Springs National Park. We have now visited all the Alaska national parks and the tally is 45 with 14 left.

Spring 2015  –  This spring we  had the pleasure of visiting two additional national parks – Pinnacles National Park and Channel Islands National Park.  We have now visited all the California national parks and our tally stands at 41 visited with 18 left.  It’s amazing what a national treasure our national parks truly are!

I’m slightly behind: Current National Park numbers 39 visited with 20 to go.

New numbers: We have visited three more national parks so currently we are at 37 with 22 to go.

Another update: We have visited two more national parks so now the numbers stand at 34 visited and 25 to go.

Update: I have retired from teaching and have started the next phase of my journey. The rest of this post still holds true however.

I am currently a teacher in Lincoln Public Schools at Schoo Middle School but am nearing retirement. My passions include my grandchildren, reading, writing, knitting and travel. I love spending time with my five grandchildren and doing things with them. Up to now, the travel has been restricted somewhat by the school schedule but that hasn’t kept me from traveling as much as possible. My classroom bulletin boards are covered with postcards and many of the posters on the walls are from U.S. National Parks that Tom and I have visited. Our “bucket list” includes visiting all of the parks — thus far, we have visited 32 so there are 27 more to go. Of course that only holds until there is a new park declared. So I guess we’ll just have to keep on traveling.

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